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We are extremely grateful for the partnership of Vital Life Foundation. Not only have they contributed nearly $500,000 to Meals on Wheels People since 2009, their staff and residents are committed volunteers. Employees regularly deliver Meals on Wheels and Marquis residents often create centerpieces for our dining centers, help package emergency meals and welcome opportunities to become involved in our program. In 2015, a Meals on Wheels People volunteer from Washougal was part of the Journey of Heroes and traveled with several other veterans to visit the monuments and sites of Washington, D.C. Journey of Heroes is a partnership between Wish of a Lifetime and the Vital Life Foundation that honors seniors and their lifetime of achievements. Twice each year they select a dozen veterans for this journey that, for many, will be their only opportunity to visit the nation’s capital. Thank you, Vital Life Foundation, for helping us change lives one meal at a time!

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