Weekly Update from our CEO #5 | Meals on Wheels People

Weekly Update from our CEO #5

A message from our CEO Suzanne Washington

Wow! This is my fifth weekly update and I’m happy to say that this week has felt like we may have found our new norm – for the time being. Our new home-delivery program has been implemented and has been working well and our volunteers faithfully show up daily to ensure that our homebound seniors are safe and nourished.

This week we transitioned into a campaign that we have named “Hope At Home”. We fully embrace this theme as many of us are beginning to realize what it means to be socially isolated. Our mission for the past 50 years has been dedicated to combatting social isolation, but I always questioned how many of us truly understood what it meant and how it felt to be confined to our homes. Now, as most of us can relate, we have to hope to hold onto.

Just because this week seems somewhat “normal”, my team and I are now strategizing what the next few months may look like for Meals on Wheels People. We are grappling with how long this will last. What does our organization look like in July or October or even December? We are committed to doing what is right for the population we serve and are constantly monitoring the latest health information. There has been talk of gradually re-opening stores and restaurants, but it is hard to know how quickly that will happen. And we anticipate that seniors will be one of the last groups to freely re-enter our society.

We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or next week with the virus. But at Meals on Wheels People we know we will continue to produce and deliver meals to every older adult who requests them today and in the weeks and months to come.

I’ve been inspired by the multitude of groups that are helping us bring our “Hope At Home” campaign alive. Tune-in to our Facebook page on Tuesdays and Fridays to watch a series of inspirational music videos that have been created by various artists from Holocene (a local music venue). Partnerships like these reinforce the fact that together we can change lives, one meal at a time.

To learn more about our “Hope At Home” campaign, please visit helpmowp.org. This site allows our supporters to  donate or create a fundraising campaign of their own, upload inspirational messages of hope for seniors and has information on items we are collections for those who are sheltering at home and have limited access to grocery shopping.

While this pandemic can seem like doom and gloom 24 hours a day, I am beholden beyond words for the tremendous support we’ve received over the past five weeks. I’m inspired and thankful for all of you. A simple “thank you” just doesn’t seem adequate to express my gratitude.

Stay safe and be well.

P.S.. Now that we are finding our new norm, I will be sending be-weekly updates. In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to connect with me directly at [email protected]

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