Partnership with Local Library Brings Books to Homebound | Meals on Wheels People

Partnership with Local Library Brings Books to Homebound

Partnership with local library

A partnership with a local library has made books available to homebound seniors served by Meals on Wheels People. Friends of the Tigard Library collect books, bring them to the Tigard Senior Center and then books are delivered along with the meals.

Center Manager Vicki Adams said the program has been extremely popular. “I talk with each of the people who receive meals to find out what genre they like, how many books they think they can get through in a couple of weeks and then pass that info on to the Friends of the Library,” she said. “Since the pandemic, so many of those who used to regularly go the library are staying home. This program allows them to continue reading new material.”

Meals on Wheels People has been preparing and delivering nearly 8,000 meals daily since the pandemic began earlier this spring.

About Meals on Wheels People: Meals on Wheels People has been changing lives, one meal at a time, since 1970. We provide more than a meal to thousands of older adults in the greater Portland metro area. Our service not only alleviates hunger and social isolation, but allows seniors to live independently with dignity in their own homes. Aging in place reduces depression, falls and hospitalization as well as the high cost of institutional care. For more information, visit:

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