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Diners Club Program

The Diners Club by Meals on Wheels People is a unique initiative aimed at bringing more joy to the dining experience of older adults. It offers them an expanded range of menu choices, greater flexibility in dining times, and the wonderful opportunity to dine out with loved ones at participating restaurants throughout Clark, Multnomah, and Washington counties.

Become a Partnering Restaurant

We want to partner with your restaurant to provide in-person dining for older adults. Participants receive a Senior Dine card to be used for a certain number of meals every month. Your restaurant offers a unique Senior Dining menu, which provides a variety of delicious and nutritious food. Days and times vary based on restaurant location.

Benefits to Restaurants Joining the Club

• Attract new customers
• Increase revenue
• Easy setup
• No additional cost
• Marketing support
• Community involvement

How It Works

Assessment: Our team will assess prospective restaurants for certain criteria, including atmosphere and accessibility.

Eligibility: Anyone aged 60 and over, along with their spouse (regardless of their age), can participate in the program. As a restaurant owner/manager, you do not need to do anything.

Meal Cards: Once approved, customers will receive meal cards. All you need to do is scan these cards when they come into your restaurant.

Senior Dine Software: We will provide you with a tablet or phone to scan these cards.

Menu Options: Restaurants offer a unique dining menu with five to eight healthy alternatives. We are happy to coordinate with your menu to help make this convenient and easy. Our dietitian will review all senior meals for proper nutrition.

Dine-in Only: The program only honors dine-in meals and does not include delivery or to-go orders.

Cost: The cost of the approved meals will be reimbursed as negotiated. There are no additional costs associated with participating in the program.

Tipping: While there is no requirement to tip, we will encourage diners to consider leaving a tip to their server.

Participating Hours: You choose the hours and days you would like to participate. We suggest selecting slower days to bring in more traffic.

Promotion: We will promote your restaurant’s participation in the program through our website, social media, and by placing a Meals on Wheels People sticker in your window to advertise that you are a proud partner.

Support: We will assist you with staff training, questions, setup, and menu selection.

Learn More

We hope you will consider becoming a partner in our Diners Club program. By participating, you will not only be providing a valuable service to the older adults in your community, but you will also be bringing in new customers to your restaurant. Contact us if you have any questions or if you are ready to sign up.

Janice Butzke | Operations Manager
[email protected]

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