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Medically Tailored Meals

Food = Medicine

Providing nutritional support for older adults is the core value of our organization. Medically tailored meals go further—offering dynamic support for individuals who are medically vulnerable, have chronic health conditions, or face other risk factors for hospitalization.

Medically Tailored Meals (MTM) is an evidence-based, home-delivered, nutritional intervention program tailored to clients’ specific needs. Among 133 million Americans, 45% of the population lives with at least one chronic disease such as COPD, diabetes, chronic heart disease, and renal disorders. 1

MTM Intervention: Tailored Meals

Research shows tailored nutrition significantly improves health outcomes for adults with one or more chronic conditions. Participants receive diverse, tasty, low-sodium meals made with fresh ingredients. Our holistic approach to patient care includes condition monitoring, nutrition education, and social connection programming. All services are inclusive, person-first, and trauma-informed.

According to research, Medically Tailored Meals programs result in:2

Results of Medically Tailored Meals

  • Overall improved quality of life
  • Increased ability to manage chronic conditions
  • Significantly reduced patient stress and depression

Evolving legislative action supports access for Medically Tailored Meals to individuals whose healthcare outcomes benefit from participating in these interventions. If you’re a health insurer, healthcare provider, or advocate who wants to learn how to connect your members and patients with our Medically Tailored Meal program, contact our team for more information.

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1  Wu S, Green A. Projection of Chronic Illness Prevalence and Cost Inflation. RAND Corporation, October 2000.
2 Organization: Community Servings. Peer-Reviewed Research. Source: Berkowitz SA, Terranova J, Randall L, Cranston K, Waters DB, Hsu J. Association Between Receipt of a Medically Tailored Meal Program and Health Care Use. JAMA. 2019;179(6):786-793.

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