Meals on wheels People endorses yes for affordable housing


This November, voters in the Portland metro area and across Oregon can help keep our communities together by voting YES for Affordable Housing.

Our organization is supporting Measure 102 and Measure 26-199, two affordable housing ballot measures that will ensure safe, affordable housing for more working families, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities throughout our region.


Seniors are directly impacted by the steep increase in housing costs in our area and are often forced to make difficult choices between paying the rent/mortgage, heating their homes, and paying for food and medicine. Meals on Wheels People supports Measure 102 because we believe seniors have the right to reasonably priced housing where they can live independently without making choices between basic needs.

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senior hunger is a national issue. Read more about THE ESCALATING PROBLEM OF SENIOR HUNGER AND ISOLATION

Our nation’s senior population is growing exponentially, outpacing the resources available to serve vulnerable  older adults and putting their health and well-being in jeopardy. Meals on Wheels is a proven public-private partnership that effectively addresses the challenges of aging by promoting health and improving quality of life for at-risk seniors.

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