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Vehicle Charging Donation

Donate now and help your elderly neighbors in needHelp our homebound seniorsWe’re preparing more than 8,000 meals a day for older adults, but we can’t do it without your help! Donate a meal or more to ensure that our seniors receive nutritious meals and friendly conversation with our volunteers in the Portland-Vancouver Metro Area. Your generosity will be felt by many older adults who need us now, more than ever.

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var SmartDONORCOVEROLXSettings = {“product”:”SmartDONORCOVEROLX”,”prompt”:”I’d like to cover the transaction fees so that all my donation supports Meals on Wheels People (increase my donation to accomplish this)”,”summary”:”You will pay [amount] which includes transaction fees of [fee]”,”hideOther”:false,”disableTimer”:true,”flatFeeMode”:false,”defaulton”:true,”addtopaymentmethods”:false,”variable”:2.798,”fixed”:0.26,”client”:”[email protected]”}
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