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Helping a Neighbor in Need

Helping a Neighbor in Need

Joi suffers from two different medical conditions that require her to closely monitor her diet. She needs low-fat and low-sodium foods and cannot eat any raw vegetables.

Following an extended hospital stay last year, Joi’s doctor recommended contracting Meals on Wheels People to deliver medically tailored, nutritious meals while she recovered. Having heard wonderful things about Meals on Wheels People in the past, Joi looked forward to receiving the support.

“I tried out Meals on Wheels People and loved it, so I decided to continue with a regular meal service,” said Joi. “It brought me great peace of mind knowing that my husband and I could receive five meals each week—and that those meals are good, tasty, and nutritious.”

Appreciating her own experience with Meals on Wheels People, Joi also recognized an opportunity to help a neighbor in need.

During the previous year, she had begun to notice that her neighbor Melvin, who suffers from dementia, was struggling to cook meals for himself. As a meal recipient, Joi knew firsthand that Melvin would greatly benefit from regular meal deliveries and became eager to sign him up. However, because of Melvin’s dementia, he often became confused when Meals on Wheels People called his home, which made it difficult to set up regular deliveries.

Determined to get Melvin the support he needed, Joi volunteered to be a liaison between Meals on Wheels People and Melvin. “Ever since then, Melvin has been receiving good, nutritious meals,” said Joi. “Meals on Wheels People has lessened the stress in his life around mealtime, and we’re all very happy for him.”

Joi’s positive experience with Meals on Wheels People and her commitment to helping her neighbor in need exemplifies the power of meal delivery, community connections, and social support.

In her own words, Joi extends a heartfelt thank you to the cooks, volunteers, and donors that make Meals on Wheels People programs possible:

“Every volunteer that has visited our home has been wonderful, kind, and sweet, and they always seem genuinely happy to be volunteering,” said Joi. “I also want to thank the cooks, who do an amazing job making a variety of meals that really taste good, and I want to thank the people who are donors – a sincere thank you to them for supporting the programs that make a real impact in our daily lives.”

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