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Pet Program

Over half of the older adults we serve live alone, and for many of them, their pet is their closest companion and a source of consistent comfort. Connecting pets to care is often an unmanageable obstacle for homebound older adults, many of whom live on fixed or limited incomes.

That’s why it’s so important Meals on Wheels People helps homebound older adults access pet care and assist with keeping their pets safe and healthy.

MOWP client Richard and his dog Annabelle

Become a Veterinary Partner

We partner with veterinarians who want to increase their community impact and work with a group of people and pets who have difficulty accessing these vital services. Through this collaboration, veterinarians are able to provide wellness, preventive, and treatment services to pets with Meals on Wheels People’s assistance.

The vast majority of the pets treated through this program aren’t current with vaccines and haven’t seen a veterinarian in over a year, if ever. This program supports the continued health of older adults and their companion animals, which benefits each individual and the community at large.

Amanda Marston with Serenity Veterinary Care and current partner of Meals on Wheels People, shares her experience: “Working with MOWP has been an incredible opportunity. They have helped us bring this unique model of veterinary medicine to underserved members of our community.”

MOWP client Judy and her dog Naboo

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Helping seniors and their pets isn’t just about medical care; it’s about preserving the invaluable bond between them. Join Meals on Wheels People in ensuring that this bond remains strong, and no senior has to worry about the health and well-being of their closest companion. Contact us if you have any questions.

Maggie Thurman | Operations Project Manager
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